Hydraulic Ironworker

Hydraulic Ironworker

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Hydraulic Ironworker

Product ID: IW-45M (Single Cylinder)

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The IW-45M has four standard stations, capable of a wide range of applications. The punching station can be converted into a notching station. The IW-45M is heavier and stronger than other competitive machines. This durable and economical hydraulic ironworker is perfect for small shops with a limited budget. You can use it to shear, notch, and punch holes in steel plate. Operations such as shearing flat plate, angle iron, round and square stock as well as punching plates, angles, I-beam and channel is the common usage.

Sunrise Fluid Power Inc. is a professional manufacturer of ironworkers. All of our machines are manufactured under strict quality control. With plenty experiences in this field and superior quality, we have earned trust from customers all over the world. In Europe, Australia, North America, South East Asia, Middle East, you can find our cooperated companies.

If you are interested in purchasing reliable hydraulic ironworkers, you are welcome to send your inquiry to us anytime. We will give you through information about our product line.


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