High Efficiently Air Diffuser

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Unique Design: Special water-stop film design to prevent water from flowing into the air duct under any circumstances.
Superb Function:Low air consumption (100 L/min/pcs), low pressure drop value and higher oxygen dissolution efficiency.
Streamline Configuration:Round arc configuration can present very smooth water resistance and optimal uniformed air diffusing. It can effectively disturb the ambient fluid to achieve the desired mixing and oxygen conveying effect.
Easy Installation and Durable: Easier installation and acid / alkali resistant, offering a longer service life.
Purpose:Air diffusing and mixing for waste water mixing tank, neutralization tank, chelating tank, concentration tank, aeration tank, and other applications.
  • Connection Method:6/8'' threaded casing
  • Ideal Installation Interval:60 ~ 100 cm / pcs
  • Installation Method:Upward or downward.
  • Material:ABS resin

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