Fishing Net Machine

Fishing Net Machine

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Fishing Net Machine

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Finishing Net Machine

Wei Meng offers finishing net machines capable of producing knot-less finishing nets. With features that enable the adjustment for manufacturing fishing nets for different purposes, the machine is widely applicable.

The detailed specifications and features are presented as the following:

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  • Applicable yarn: HDPE monofilaments, polyester, nylon.
  • Working Width: 75" - 210".
  • Gauges: 6 - 18 needle per inch.
  • Warp supply system: From: Warping beams.
  • Performance: 350 - 400 RPM.
  • Number of bars: 8 ground bars.
  • Main motor: 3.75kw - 7.5kw.
  • Machine weight: 6,000kgs - 8,000kgs.
  • Knitting elements
    • Equipped with 1 latch needle bar. 8 guide bars, 1 trick plate, 1 sinker bar.
  • Drive
    • Drive of the knitting elements by combined crank and special cam, which are dynamically balanced and run in oil in the machine bed. Inching drive for easier run-in and for control of knitting elements.
  • Side frames
    • Provided for 6 yarn beams with 14" ~ 21" flange diameter. Yarn feed and tension controlled by beam brakes.
  • Fabric take-up and batching device
    • Four-roller fabric take-up. Separate batching device with its own drive for taking up a fabric roll of up to 40" = 1,016mm dia.

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