Onion Bag Machine

Onion Bag Machine

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Onion Bag Machine

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Onion Bag Machine

Onion bag machine is mainly for manufacturing sacks used for packing produce, such as onions, oranges, lemons, potatoes, and etc.. In addition, the machine is also capable of knitting double-layered sacks, and sacks with great width. The specifications of the onion bag machine offered by Wei Meng Industrial Co., Ltd. are listed as below:

Onion Bag Machine
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  • Applicable yarn: HDPE flat yarn, monofilaments.
  • Working Width: 170".
  • Gauges: Packing sacks: 2 - 6 needle / per inch.
  • Warp supply system: From: Warping beams / creel stand / slitting extension M / C.
  • Performance: 500 - 600 RPM.
  • Number of bars: 9 ground bars.
  • Main motor: 7.5kw.
  • Machine weight: 8,000kgs.
  • Applications
    • Onion bags: (So-Called "ready-made sacks" for packing orange, lemon, potato,...etc.).
    • For special wide nets.
    • For double layered nets.

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