Taper Twin-Screws Extrusion Sheet Forming Machine

Product ID: TSP-110L

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Taper Twin Screws Extrusion Sheet Forming Mahine
The traditional sheet forming method was a combination of blinder and rollers, which was time-consumption and low efficiency. To improve this process, we special design this Taper Twin Screws Extrusion Sheet Forming Machine. After the mixing and blending inside the blinder , rubber material is conveying to the hopper inlet of this machine for extrusion process. The operator could take care of this machine as well as the blinder,instead of one-man to one machine style. This machine improves the working effieincy .
The material being extruded out could be rolled up and cut off. The color changing of this machine is simple and easy at all. Its features included even width and thickness, low heat generation, less power consumption and few breakdown, etc. Besides, the combination of production line with this machine and a blinder could reduce the cost and increase the competition.
Inverter Extrusion Motor 10HP 30HP 40HP 60HP 100HP
Roller Motor 5HP 20HP 30HP 50HP 75HP
Extruding Capacity / hour 250L 700L 1250L 2000L 3000L
Sheet Forming Width (m/m) 300 550 600 750 900
Sheet Forming Thickness (m/m) 2 - 8 3 - 15 3 - 15 3 - 15 3 - 20
Roller Dia & Width Φ10" x Φ10"× x 00m/m Φ12" x Φ12" x 700m/m Φ14" x Φ14" x 800m/m Φ16" x Φ16" x 1050m/m Φ18" x Φ18" x 1200m/m
Suitable for any kind of Blender 10-20L 75L 110L 150-200L 300L
Thickness Adjusting Motor 3/4HP 1HP 2HP 3HP 5HP
R.P.M Extruder 1.5~20 1.5~20 1.5~20 1.5~20 1.5~20
R.P.M Roller 1~10 1~10 1~10 1~10 1~10
Cooler Pump 1/2HP 1HP 2HP 3HP 3HP
Hopper Dimension 500 750 800 950 1050
Control Panel 1 1 1 1 1
Machine Dimension L×W×H 1750 x 1500 x 2600 2200 x 1750 x 3250 2600 x 2100 x 3300 2750 x 2200 x 3750 3300 x 2800 x 4700

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