Stationery Making Machine

Stationery Making Machine

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Product ID: YS-10HT-700

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1. This machine is a special designed device for auto binding the data pockets into one set.

2. For the excellent and the unity size of file pockets, our R/D designed special synchronous sealing-cutting device in conjunction with special movable circular silicone belts to produce various sizes and types of data pockets and further to low down the waste rate to the minimum.

3. For saving manpower, we developed the auto-binding device and can preset the binding number of pockets to reduce the time in counting and binding by hands for packing workers.
The binding device is divided into two sets including up and down. When the device changes the actions by turns, it could save the time for the packing working.

4. For protecting operators and machine, our monitor controlling and observation system can alarm during problem happening further to avoid dangerous and wasting production cost.

5. This auto binding device is the patent of Yu-Shiny Company.
  • Material:
    • P.P. film from 0.04 up to 0.10mm thickness.
  • The max cutting size:
    • The width up to 560mm, the length 225 up to 500mm.
  • The production speed:
    • From 40 up to 80 pieces per min, depending on the material quality, production size and the machine design. The binding speed for 10 pieces up to 6 binds and for 15 pieces up to 5 binds.

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