Automatic Wafer Boat Cleaning System

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Ultrasonic cleaning is 16 times more efficient than manual cleaning. Ultrasonic utilizes high frequency and intensity sound wave producing more than 40,000 alternating high and low pressure waves per second. As these waves travel through the cleaning medium, millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles form and aggressively implode (collapse inwards) causing of process call CAVITATION. Cavitation creates a suction so powerful that it reaches both internal crevices included blind spot and all external surfaces thus pulling the contaminants from the objects in the cleaning medium. With ultrasonic cleaning, products damage from tampering, rotating and overlapping can be avoid. We design & fabricate: Manual, semi auto and fully automatic cleaning system for solvent and water base; Single & double tanks ultrasonic cleaner; Immersion type ultrasonic cleaner; Duplicating & upgrading of your existing system; Solvent recycling system; Degreaser modification and etc.
  • For clean room.
  • Type of process available:
    • Cleaning: ultrasonic, spray cleaning, acid etching; bubble agitation, high pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning; mechanical, vibration cleaning, electrolysis; inter jet agitation, brushing.
    • Rinsing: solvent, air blow; city water, hot water rinsing; DI water; neutralization.
    • Drying: IR oven, normal air knife, cool drying; hot air recycle, hot water evaporation, vapor drying; hot air knife, dehumidifier, solvent dewatering; compress air knife, vacuum drying, oil dewatering.
  • Your requirement, we design:
    • Production quantity, size, weight and material.
    • Cleaning process requirements i.e. degrease, shining, anti-rust treatment, drying etc.
    • Budget, space, man power etc.
    • Cleaning agent i.e. solvent, alkaline, acid, neutral chemical etc.
  • We welcome:
    • Request on machine specification.
    • Customer designed fabrication.
    • OEM customer.
    • Contract cleaning customer.

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