Wireless Security System

Product ID: 5800/5800+/5800DP/5800DP+

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Simple type system:
Suitable for users with functions, which is user-friendliness and involving low cost.
5800+ built-in transmitter board(to rigger wireless bellbox)
5800DP built-in Infrasonic sensor(intruder use RF jamming the system and during opening the door it will trigger the alarm)
5800DP+ built-in Infrasonic sensor & transmitter board
  • 8 zones
  • Delay/instant zones programmable
  • 24hr zone(fire/emergency)
  • Home mode(bypass zone)
  • Entry/exit delay period from 0 to 99 sec
  • Alarm duration from 0 to 999 sec
  • Broadcast range up to 60m
  • House code number up to 2187
  • House code learning
  • Panic/tamper switch protection
  • Keypad lock
  • Door sensor status
  • Zone status led indicator
  • Low batt. Indicator
  • Jamming detection
  • Built-in transmitter (5800+)
  • Built-in infrasonic sensor (5800DP)
  • External connectors
  • Flasher connector available 30 min
  • Back-up battery(12V x 1 or 1.2V x 6)

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