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When the market has keen competition, have your growth projections ever fallen short of the target ? Are rising material and labor costs making you less competitive? Cabletree is here to help!
Cabletree has provided PCB assemblies that included A/I, M/I, SMT and manufacturing tests for monitor boards, heater control board, switching power supply power board, etc. In addition to harware manufacturing, Cabletree is also capable of providing engineering consultancy, programming and documentation.
In this field, Cabletree has built up valuable experience that even assisted customers to solve varied and unexpected problems.
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  • Contract Manufacturing.

Main Products

Single-sided PCBs, Double-sided PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, Converter PCBs, PCB, Jumper Wires, Wiring Accessories, Sockets/Connectors/Switches/Cables & Elecctronic Wires