Metallic Substrate

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LYDS newly developed metallic substrate has superior strength and melting resistance under high temperature applications. These substrate exhibit outstanding performance when subject to cyclic operation between 1,000 C and room temperatures. Our metallic substrate uses high performance Fe-Cr-Al heat resistance material, high vacuum nickel brazing, and thermal stress relief structure to minimize cracking and damage to the catalyst that can be caused by exothermic reactions in rich A/F ratio operations.
  • Although we manufacture many catalyst products using ceramic substrate, we are a leader in the development and manufacture of metallic substrate.
  • Metallic substrates have several important advantages compared to ceramic substrate, including:
    • Vibration resistance and durability.
    • Larger front area and larger surface area.
    • Short light-off time and lower light-off temperature.
    • Low back pressure and less horsepower loss.
    • Better conversion.
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