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Chesen specializes in designing voice, melody, recording, playback, ASIC & micro-controller ICs, etc.
  • PCaccessories control IC:
    • CS8105 PC keyboard IC.
    • Wireless PC keyboard IC.
    • USB PC keyboard IC.
    • Multi-media keyboard IC.
    • Serial & PS-2 mouse IC.
    • Wireless mouse IC.
    • 3D mouse IC.
    • USB mouse IC.
  • Consumer intellective IC series:
    • Virtual reality creature control IC. series.
    • Virtual reality creature + data bank IC.
    • Handhold LCD games control IC.
    • Key chains LCD games control IC.
    • Talking book IC.
    • TFT LCD handhold games control IC.
    • Clock alarm + 12 seconds recording IC.
  • House appliance control IC. series:
    • CS701 Remote fan coding control IC.
    • CS702 Remote ceiling fan coding control IC.
    • CS901A Remote fan cording control IC.
    • CS901A-1 Remote double fans remove coding control IC.
    • CS901A-2 Remote heating fan remove coding control IC.
    • CS911 Remote ceiling fan and light remove coding control IC.
    • CS941 A/V auto switch control IC. (4 sets switch for selection).
    • LED multifunction remote-controller IC.
    • LCD multifunction remote-controller IC.
    • LCD electronic sphygmomanometer control IC.
    • LCD electronic clinical thermometer control IC.
    • 8 digits TV games IC.
    • VCD/CD-ROM control IC.
  • Other control ICs:
    • CS238 Digital weight scale with voice IC.
    • CS320 Cellular phone LCD talking charger IC.
    • CS328A Cellular phone LED talking charger IC.
    • CS370 Easy charger IC for cellular phone and toys.
    • CS3168 Cellular phone LED charger IC.
    • CS3668 Cellular phone LED charger IC.
    • CS168 Remote central control system of cars IC.
    • CS301B LCD electronic weight scale control IC.
    • Recording and playback IC(3sec, 6sec, 12sec, 20sec,...).

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