Precision 2 - Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine ( For PBC )

Product ID: PCM-700

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The PCM-700 is a system which measures, without contact, two-dimensional flat profiles of sheet parts such as printed circuit boards and films using color images and electronic lines. Designed as the successor to the popular two-dimensional coordinate measuring machine "SI-7055MB", it is equipped with more outstanding and advanced functions. It is capable of measuring, with high precision, wide areas up to 700 X 800 with 1Mum resolution, and is easy to use with its advanced measurement software. Furthermore, its standard "teaching function for semi-auto measurement" which memorizes measuring positions and procedures and performs measuring operations automatically saves time. To present more safer and more easy-to-use measuring devices, Sokkia has aimed to construct advanced quality assurance systems, and acquired ISO 9000 series certification and approval of authorizers of laser wavelength calibration and standard glass scale calibration.
  • Maximum size of measuring object: (W)1000 x (D)1200 x (H)60mm
  • Maximum weight of measuring object: Approx. 15kg
  • Effective measuring range: X: 700mm, Y: 800mm
  • Measuring reproducibility: sigma=1.0Mum (microscope magnification: 10 x and 2 x converter lens loaded)
  • Minimum display resolution: 1Mum
  • Operation modes
    • Manual measurement: fine control and joystick
    • Semi-auto measurement: auto feeder + fine control and joy stick
  • Drive speed: semi-auto measurement Max. 100mm/sec.
  • Drive method: ball screw driven by AC servo motor
  • Main unit dimensions: (W)1410 x (D)1440 x (H)1250mm
  • Control desk dimensions: (W)800 x (D)800 x (H)1200mm
  • Main unit weight: Approx. 1200kg
  • Power consumption: AC 100V 50/60Hz Approx. 0.8kW
  • Microscope magnification block
    • Motor-operated microscope: from 1.6x to 10x (2x front converter lenses loaded)
    • Front converter lens: 2x, 1.5x (optional)
    • Image monitor magnification: 220 times (microscope magnification: 10x)
    • Detection: color CCD camera
    • Electronic line / Cross line: full line/doted line switching, line-width variable, zigzag line, and 256-color display
    • Electronic line / Double-crosses line: full line/doted line switching, line-width variable, double crosses line-width variable, zigzag line, 256-olor display
    • Electronic line / Circle line: black and white reversal, full line/doted line switching, line-width variable, and diameter variable, 256-color display
    • Electronic line: in any cases, information during " teaching" is memorized
    • Measurement device: linear scale
    • Illumination device / Coaxial spotlight illumination: 6V, 20W halogen lamp
    • Illumination device / Reflected illumination: 15V, 150W halogen lamp, fiber optics used
    • Illumination device / Transmitted illumination: 12V, 100W halogen lamp, fiber optics used
  • Data processing block
    • Computer / CPU: Pentium 133MHz equivalent
    • Computer / HD: 1GB, expansion memory: 16MB
    • Computer / OS: MS-DOS ver. 6.2/V (or PC-DOS ver. 6.3), Windows ver. 3.1
    • Printer: ink jet printer
    • Monitor: 17-inch multi-scanning monitor (also serves as the image monitor)
  • High precision measuring structure. High rigidity and durability have been achieved by the use of cast iron for the X-Y tables that are integrated into one block. The central driving method employed mitigates yawing during driving operations and equalizes left and right moment loads to provide high precision and safety.
  • Deals flexibly with various measuring objects
    • High resolution CCD realizes clear work images on monitor. Using the electronic zoom, microscope magnification can be set freely between 1.6 times and 10 times. To deal with more detailed patterns, a front converter lens with a 2 times magnification is provided.
    • Electronic lines can be switched between crosses, double crosses, and circles. The width, pitches, and line type (dotted, full, and zigzag) of the electronic lines can be changed freely. The line color can also be selected from 256 colors according to the background color to deal with various types of work. The line shape and color selected will be memorized as teaching information.
    • Coaxial spotlight illumination, reflected illumination, and transmitted illumination are provided to illuminate the area being measured. The three types of lighting provide complete and fully adjustable illumination. The transmitted illumination is synchronized with the camera to minimize adverse heating effects on film work.
  • Easy-to-operate with GUI (graphical user interface). Work positioning, illumination, and calculation processing are all integrated in the Windows(tm) measurement software, most of which can be performed simply by the clicking of icons with the mouse.
    • Alignment function which does not require parallelism of work. Measurements can be started immediately as the work coordinates are adjusted to XY coordinates of the main unit automatically.
    • Selection from 18 measuring modes provides flexibility in dealing with a variety of work shapes.
  • Ease-of-use operation control box.

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