Computer Controlled Fully Automatic Bending Machine

Product ID: P01

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W x D x H 8600 x 4000 x 1900 (mm)
Weight About 6000kg
Maximum load of rebar (weight) About 2000kg
Maximum length of rebar 8400mm
Power 8.9KW: 220V(3phases) / 110V(1phase)
  • Maximum number of rebar with can be bent simultaneously
    • Diameter(mm) / Number: 10/9, 13/7, 16/5, 19/2, 22/1
  • A bundle of rebars will be automatically divided into separate piece.
  • The rebars will be counted automatically for every cycle.
  • Easy operating with high performance.
  • Automatic rebar separating and loading process.
  • The angle may be set to any desired degree.
  • Patented worldwide: Taiwan, U.S.A, Japan, Korea, China.

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