Bead Cores


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AB type cores are useful for suppressing noise mainly of low impedance circuits. It can effectively absorb any given spectrum of noise by selecting the appropriate ferrite material. These filters are comparatively inexpensive easily installed. The most important thing is that they attenuate the unwanted noise & EMT without degradation of the informative degradation of the informative signal. These cores are product for the automatic insertion into PC boards.
  • Ordering code
    • AB: product symbol
    • 035: a dimensions
    • 06: b dimensions
    • □: packing style:; S:; single:; ST:; tape and reel
    • 23: material
  • AL0350XX packing (type): 5000pcs/reel
  • AL0350XXB packing (type): 2000pcs/box
  • The filters suppress voltage & current spikes within the circuit, providing protection to semiconductor devices.
  • The filter can be mounted directly onto the leads of components utilizing no additional space.
  • Best designed and tested to offer perfect space utilization and accurate impedance.

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ferrite core, chip bead, chip inductor, line filter, choke, coil, fixed inductor, filtered connector