Strip Cutting Machine

Product ID: NC-501CT

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Model NC-50CT NC-502CT
L x W x H 2.5M x 0.8M x 1.6M 3.1M x 0.8M x 1.6M
Net wt 960kg 1060kg
Gross wt 1160kg 1260kg
Working width 2.4M 2.7M
Power 5HP 5HP
Capacity/hour 1000M 1000M
  • For EVA Foam, PVC, and rubber sheet, strip cutting or side cutting.
  • The working width of this cutter can be easily adjusted. Able to cut or trim the sides of different width freely t the same time. High production capacity is several times the amount of the old method, high safety.
  • A piece of material sheet is able to cut for 9 stripes at the one-time. (Include the side)

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