Side Mounting Float Level Switch

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The side mounting units employ liquid buoyancy as a operating principle, when the liquid level rising up, it will case the pivot float be come rising level, then the permanent magnet on the permanent magnet on the end of actuate will do magnetic repel with another magnet, which is attached inside the housing above action will let the electrical action to trip from NC to NO.
Item No. Hosing material Type Temperature Contact form
LF10 Aluminum (IP65) Standard -10~100 Celsius SPDT (1C)
LF20 Aluminum (IP65) High temp -25~200 Celsius SPDT (1C)
LF30 Stainless steel Explosion proof -10~100 Celsius SPDT (1C)
LF40 Aluminum (IP65) Double angle -10~100 Celsius SPDT (1C)
LF50 Aluminum (IP65) Vertical -10~100 Celsius SPDT (1C)
LF62 Aluminum (IP65) High temp -10~350 Celsius SPDT (1C)
  • High reliability: the micro switch element has been approved by U.L.
  • Applicable range: level control of any fluids.
  • Superb design: rigid construction, easy install, corrosion resistant, water-proof, dust-proof.

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