Pressure Level Indicator

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There are four types of pressure level transducers such as transducer with extension cable, transducer with extension tube and pressure tube. The output of these for types of transducers is 4~20mA and can be connected from a good length of distance. The computer, an alarm system or a PLC process controller.
Model No. PSC-10 PSC-20 PSC-30 PSC-50
Ranges 0.1~0.4 bar 0.1~10 bar 0.1~10 bar 0.1~100 bar
Linearity 0.3%FS 0.3%FS 0.3%FS 0.3%FS
Operating temp. -10 Celsius~80 Celsius -10 Celsius~200 Celsius -10 Celsius~80 Celsius -10 Celsius~80 Celsius
Supply voltage 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC
Out put 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC 13~ 36V DC
Connection 1-1/2" x 5kg/cm^2 1-1/2" x 10kg/cm^2 1-1/2" x 5kg/cm^2 1/2" PT
  • The sensing diaphragm is stainless steal SUS316. It can be used in various environment such as weak acid and alkaline liquid or sewage water treatment.
  • Our internal temperature compensation ensures long lasting reliability.

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