Mini Float Level Switch

Product ID: RF-1

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The Mini Float Level Switch equipped with one magnets moves up and down with the fluid level and actuates with its magnetic field a hermetically sealed reed switch embedded in the stem. The switch can be provided as normally open, normally closed or change contacts.
Item No. Float (mm) Material Temperature Suitable S.G
RF-300 Dia 28 x 28 SUS 304 -10~120 Celsius 0.8
RF-400 Dia 41 x 38 SUS 304 -10~120 Celsius 0.7
RF-450 Dia 45 x 55 SUS 304 -10~120 Celsius 0.65
RF-500 Dia 52 x 52 SUS 304 -10~120 Celsius 0.55
RF-100 Dia 75 x 108 SUS 304 -10~120 Celsius 0.5
RF-OH N/A P. P -20~80 Celsius 0.7~0.75
RF-OV N/A P. P -20~80 Celsius 0.6~0.8
  • The level switch can actuate visual or acoustic alarms, control.
  • Water conditioning equipment.
  • Hydraulic oil containers.
  • All lead wires under 120 Celsius with UL or CSA.

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