Rotary Paddle Level Switch

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The Rotary Paddle Level Switch operation centers around a low torque slow speed motor. Absence of dry material allows the motor to turn the paddle. Presence of dry material tends to stall the paddle and the motor. Suitable for powdery producing & processing industries, such as plastic, chemical, medical, forage, cement and fertilizer powers.
Item No. Power Paddle (mm) Temperature Contact Form
RP10 110/220V/240V 100 x 30 60 Celsius SPDT (1C)
RP20 110/220V/240V 65 x 80 60 Celsius SPDT (1C)
RP30 110/220V/240V 100 x 30 60 Celsius SPDT (1C)
RP40 110/220V/240V 100 x 30 620 Celsius SPDT (1C)
RP50 110/220V/240V (24VDC) Cross - Line 4 Blade 60 Celsius SPDT (1C)
  • The torque force is adjustable.
  • The performance of torque force is stable and reliable.
  • It the rotary paddle bear a extra overload, the motor will be appeared slid to prevent the inside mechanism damaged.

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