Vibrating Probe Level Sensor

Product ID: VL

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The VL piezoelectric vibrating probe level sensor provides an alternative to other level sensing technologies and offers unique advantages all its own. The vibrating probe principle eliminates the problems associated with changes in material density, moisture and composition while providing reliable solid state electronic circularity that requires minimal calibration.
Item No. Connection Power supply Relay output Operating temp
VL20C 1-1/2" PT 115/230V AC SPDT -30~80 Celsius
VL20E 1-1/2" PT 115/230V AC SPDT -30~80 Celsius
VL20W 1-1/2" PT 115/230V AC SPDT -30~80 Celsius
  • Easy, minimal calibration.
  • Not affected by material, moisture, composition or density changes.
  • Sensitive to extremely light materials.
  • Multiple configurations available.

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