Surface Mount Beads

Product ID: GCI-3

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Used for computer disk drive, VCRs, stereo, car radios , mobile telephone.
Type A dim B dim C dim DC Resistance
GSB-□□-403025 4.05(+/-)0.25 3.05(+/-)0.15 2.54(+/-)0.12 0.6ohms
GSB-□□-853025 8.05(+/-)0.25 3.05(+/-)0.15 2.54(+/-)0.12 0.9ohms
GSB-□□-784829 7.9(+/-)0.2 4.75(+/-)0.15 3.0(+/-)0.12 0.9ohms
  • Accurate dimensions for automatically surface mounted
  • Resistance to mechanical shocks and pressure
  • High resistance to heat and humidity
  • Packing: carrier taping in reel

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