TouchPen Touch Screen

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MicroTouch, the world leader in touch screen technologies, extends its flagship ClearTek capacitive touch screens through TouchPen, the capacitive digitizer technology that supports both touch and pen input. You can design-in: environmental robustness, physical durability, sensitivity, optical clarity and versatility of pen input.
  • Carve, 6.4" ~ 33", etch, polish, industrial
  • Flat, 9" ~ 17", etch, polish, industrial
  • Intelligently distinguishes between finger and pen input
  • Uses capacitive technology-operations unaffected by water, dirt, dust or oil on the sensor
  • Accepts touches of less than two ounces of force
  • 99 percent accurate
  • MS-DOS, Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT, OS/2, Macintosh, UNIX
  • FCC Class A, UL, CE, ISO 9001 certified

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