ThruGlass Touch Screen

Product ID: P04

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MicroTouch, the world leader in touch screen technologies, offers the break through touch screen that's virtually unbreakable - ThruGlass 2.0, the touch screen that's ideal for just about any harsh environment you can imagine. The Thruglass sensor safety resides behind up to an inch of your glass, plastic, marble or any non-conductive surface.
.Flat, 9" ~ 17"
  • Water proof, dirt proof, grease-proof, corrosion-proof, static proof and randal-proof
  • Accepts touches from gloved hand, heavy tool, pump nozzle or other stylus with drag and drop operation
  • As durable as whatever you put in front of it: an inch of glass, marble
  • MS-DOS, Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT, OS/2, Macintosh, UNIX
  • FCC Class B, UL, CE, ISO 9001 certified

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