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The softness of surface quite better than inflatable fenders, it could give the boats extra protection. The solid body is super strong & extra durable. Our EVA fenders could use at least 10 ~ 15 years. Our EVA fenders could resistant to any sharp goods, cold weather (under -52 Celsius), chemical, oil, sunlight. Any dirty could use acetone to clean up and never hurt to fender surface.
Shape Item No. Size Q'ty / carton Meas't & G/W(kg)
Open-core center BL-301 6 x 15 x 3/4"(D x L x Dia.) 12pcs 0.13m^3 / 13kg
Open-core center BL-302 8 x 20 x 1"(D x L x Dia.) 6pcs 0.15m^3 / 14kg
Open-core center BL-303 10 x 26 x 1-1/16"(D x L x Dia.) 4pcs 0.18m^3 / 17kg
Spherical BL-201 Dia.12" x dia.1" 4pcs 0.14m^3
Spherical BL-202 Dia.17" x dia.1-1/16" 4pcs 0.36m^3
Spherical BL-203 Dia.20" x dia.1-1/16" 2pcs 0.36m^3
  • A solid body no air filled.
  • Resistant to any sharp goods, heavy pressure, sunlight, oil, chemical.
  • Super strong & extra duraable.

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