Trunk Lid Hinge

Product ID: Trunk Lid Hinge-000

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This product (trunk lid hinge) is used in cars. Trunk lid hinge is the product used to connect trunk lid and auto body. We design and manufacture different trunk lid hinges for different car manufacturers, such as Ford, China Motor (Mitsubishi Taiwan), and Ta-Ching Motors Co., Ltd. (Subaru Taiwan), etc. in Taiwan.
  • Type: Pipe bended hinge:
  • Material: Steel
  • Suitable model: For all kinds of vehicles
  • Applying for QS-9000
  • OEM, ODM welcome
  • Technology supported by Jui-Li Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) and Edscha Group (Germany)

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door hinges, door checks, hood hinges, trunk lid hinges, hand brake lever, pedal systems