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Product ID: LIGHTFAX5600

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Light fax 5600 is compatible with Rockwell K56 flex V.34, V.32bis and V.22bis, V.22. It has voice, answering machine. A.SV.D. Speaker phone capability. With V.80& H.324 function user can do video conference over regular telephone line. It has been elected as the best modem in Australia in June, 1997 issue.
External Internal PCMCIA LAN-modem LAN-PCMCIA
Light fax 5600 Light fax 5600H Light fax 5600CA Light fax 5600LAN 10/100 Base
Light fax 3360 Light fax 3360H Light fax 3360CA Light fax 3360LAN 10 Base
Web TV 5600 Web TV 3360 N/A N/A N/A
  • Downloadable flash memory to keep modem updated with new standard.
  • Error correction & Data compression ASVD & DSUD.
  • Speaker phone.

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