Fleece Single Circular Knitting Machine

Product ID: ML-96FS

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Special design for Cam System, which is composed of a high-precision close needle track combox segment. It can be taken apart of assembled very easily and promptly and is changeable for any structure of knit, track or welt design accurately.
Cylinder diameter Number of feeders Motor Speed Gauge(N.P.I.)
26" 84F 5HP 20 - 35R.P.M. 16 - 24G
30" 96F 5HP 18 - 30R.P.M. 16 - 24G
34" 108F 5HP 6P 16 - 26R.P.M. 16 - 24G
  • Net weight: 2,000kg
  • Gross weight: 2,300kg
  • Case size: 89" x 70" x 89"
  • Highest fabric quality.
  • Highest production quantity.
  • Highest economic efficiency.
  • Drive: Inverter motor controller.
  • Needle: Germany-made Groz-Beckert.
  • Cylinder and dial are made of highest quality steel that has undergone special heat treatment. With the very high hardness of which, they are durable for grinding..
  • The slotted needlebed for insert plates is very precise and has undergone special grinding so it is unbreakable. The needlebed can balance the moving needles and reduces friction and starting torque to a minimum.
  • Dial and cylinder are driven by spur gear which can eliminate the possibility of power component raising the cylinder during operation.
  • Cylinder is housed by Healy Wire Race Bearings, which are lubricated with oil to assur4e high running accuracy with he lowest friction and starting torque. Thus, it can reach the fastest running speed using the lowest horsepower.
  • ML-96FS, a high-speed fleece single knitting machine is specially designed to produce all kinds of top qualified knit fabrics, such like Pointe De Roam.
  • Double pique, single pique, and interlock etc. which can be suitable for making all kinds of high-class ladies and men's garments.

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