Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifiers

Product ID: LM358

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Utilizing the circuit designed for recently introduced quad operational amplifiers, these dual operational amplifiers feature 1) low power drain 2) a common mode input voltage range extending to ground/V(EE.) 3) single supply or split supply operation and 4) pin outs compatible with the popular MC1558 dual operational amplifier. The LM358 series is equivalent to one half of an LM324. The output voltage range also includes the negative power supply.
  • LM358CS:
    • Temperature range: 0 Celsius to +70 Celsius0
    • Package: SO-8
  • LM358CD:
    • Temperature range: 0 Celsius to +70 Celsius0
    • Package: plastic DIP
  • Single supply operation: 3.0V to 32V
  • Short circuit protected outputs.
  • True differential input stage.
  • Low input bias currents.
  • Internally compensated.
  • Common mode range extends to negative supply.
  • Single and split supply operation.
  • Similar performance to the popular MC1558.

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