WTCAM-WireCut CAD/CAM System

Product ID: WTCAM V3

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WTCAM^TM is an integrated CAD/CAM system for wire EDM machining. The system consists of a fully integrated CAD module, a toolpath preprocessor, a powerful postprocessor, an NC editor and a DNC communication package. All system modules use one common user interface that allows you to do the wirecutting job most efficiently. The unparalleled scrapless cutting for complicated geometry and 3D holes, when coupled with auto-threading feature, bring a true untended automation to the job shops.
  • System Requirement:
    • IBM PC or compatible (Pentium and up)
    • Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    • 16MB memory
    • 40MB minimum disk space
    • CD-ROM drive (for installation only)
    • Color display
  • Powerful 4-axis trimming capabilities
  • Advanced partial tapering feature
  • Unparalleled 3-D scrapless cutting feature
  • Save-with-drawing Job Control Data provided
  • Gear design module with interference check/preview

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