LaserCut CAM System

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The TCAM/XTCAM(tm) is a dedicated PC-based CAM software system designed for LaserCut machines. The advanced functionality in NC programming and the flexibility in process condition settings, plus many more features in the software, have made it a most efficient production tool for your everyday machining operation.
  • System requirement:
    • IBM PC or compatible(80286 and up)
    • MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.0 or later
    • 640KB RAM minimum
    • 2MB hard disk space
    • Standard VGA display
    • Mouse
  • Provides cutting condition database
  • Auto-nesting feature, feature, with user-defined work piece size
  • Provides automatic subroutine calls
  • Provides NC-to-drawing conversion and process emulation feature
  • Supports IGES and DXF drawing exchange formats

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