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As the heat-conducting oil has stable heating performance、good heat transfer performance、low vapor pressure、as well as the advantages of non-toxic、tasteless、non-corrosive to equipment etc.
1. High-quality heat source
Under common-pressure liquid, the oil transfer heating system can output hot oil of maximum 350 ℃ for the heat user; Our heat-conducting oil heating systems applied the Fuji temperature control instrument and the intelligent self-tuning temperature control technology. The control precision is about ± 1 ℃ and accurately control in the range of the used temperature; the main power for the heating used the solid-state modules non-contact switch circuit in order to adapt to the frequent switching and have no interference to the power supply. Dry combustion can also be avoided. The hot oil cooling system can be designed according to the end user’s requirement, so that it can satisfy the process requirement of rapid cooling after heating up;
2. To save energy and low operating costs
Heat-conducting oil heating system is the liquid phase closed cycle. The temperature difference between the output oil temperature and the return oil temperature is 20-30 ℃, that is only to heat a temperature difference of 20-30 ℃ can the working temperature be reached. Meanwhile, no water treatment equipment is required for this device. No lose of steam running、 steam reeking、steam dropping and steam leakage as the steam boiler. The utilization ratio of heat is very high. It can save about 30% energy compared with the steam boiler.
3. Low Equipment Investment
Due to the reason that the system of the heat-conducting is simple、no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment、low pressure bore by the boilers etc., the investment for the whole system is comparatively low;
4. Safety
Because the system only withstands the pump pressure and there is no explosion risk for the heat conduction oil heating system, it is more secured;
5. Environmental Protection
The environmental effect of the organic heat carrier heating system is mainly reflected in the minimal fume emissions, no sewage pollution and no thermal pollution;
6. Widely Application
It can be applied in the following areas: by high-temperature shaping、 plate heating、 rubber、 drying、 dyeing and printing、 chemical industry、 plywood production、rolled water-proof material production、 asphalt heating、non-woven hot-rolled machine, fiber glass press machine、 reaction kettle、 mould 、drying room、 oven and other heating required industries.
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