Hans Innovation Group
Hans Innovation Group (Australia) - HIG-tech is a registered in Brisbane, Australia, attached to Griffith University in Australia in the high-tech companies, is a doctorate professors and senior engineers and other professionals constitute a team of technical innovation. In Shenzhen, China set up R & D Design Center (China design center) and professional production plants (Shenzhen Factory).

Hans Innovation Group in the company sponsors Dr. Hans Tang & Dr. Weidong Guo, under the leadership over the years has been committed to the geotechnical engineering design of large-scale computing software research, large-scale analysis of global on-line Internet computing platforms, the engineering survey of digital equipment R & D design, Air quality monitoring systems, civilian parameters of semiconductor gas sensor detection analyzer, the standard concentration of organic liquid gas generator and a high-end electronic gift oral odour detectors, breath-alcohol detector programme and the corresponding module (LED, LCD), etc. Multidisciplinary field, different species and different products, the development of production and agent world famous MEMS gas sensors (MEMS Sensor).

Since HIG-tech has accumulated many years of industry experience, has acquired companies involved in a number of areas of key technologies and proprietary, especially in geotechnical engineering design and calculation in the field of research Dr. Weidong Guo's direct involvement has been made A number of leading international results and take the lead in the international arena for global civil engineer to provide geotechnical engineering design of large-scale online analysis of the Internet service platform, HIG-tech can provide customers from product design to production research and development of the whole range of services. After constantly updated ideas and technology management structure, HIG-tech has developed large-scale, serialization, personalized design and production of the R & D model, fully consistent with the needs of customers in different directions.

Hans Innovation Group (Shenzhen) Product Design Center - Hans Innovation Group (Australia) based in the Shenzhen R & D Design Center HIG-tech (CDC), its main work for the construction and maintenance of on-line analysis of global Internet services platform, the R & D Design and production of small gas generator standard concentration of alcohol, alcohol sensor integrated semiconductor-testing parameters, oral odour detectors gifts, breath-alcohol detector (MEMS precision) Programme and the corresponding LED, LCD module, a product development Five categories of 17 varieties, and customer acceptance ODM.

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