Electric Tab-Tensioned Screen

Product ID: Electric Tab-Tension

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1. The contrast is acuminate yet not glaring, the tactile impression is very downright and the popular feeling is fine. As long as you have this tensioned screen, even you are at home, you can still enjoy the top visual taste as you are in a professional cinema.

2. Elastic force backguy prevents system from breaking down, the levelling degree following curtain face is adjusted arbitrarily, and it can move the general screen voluntarily making the curtain as neat as mirror.

3. The built-in tubular motor with top grade luxury, and its travelling noise is minimal, the screen keeps stable and peacefull when going up and down; Smooth and square aluminum housing lends support to high quality; White video fabric, gray video spectra and rear projection fabric are at choice.
.HS Code: 90106000
  • Beixue
  • Snowhite
  • OEM

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