Computer servo control tensile testing machine

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This series of tensile strength tester are widely used to test tension, tear strength, peeling force, compression, shearing force, adhesion, three-point bending...etc. in the field of metal, rubber, plastic, nylon, leather, shoemaking, fabric, insulator, electric appliance.
  • Tensile Testing Machine
    • Design Criteria:GB/T16491
  • Test Criteria:ASTM D903,F2258,GB/T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888,JIS K6854,
  • GB/T 6329,BS EN 14410-2003,YY/T 0729,GOST 21751
  • Technical Parameters:
  • Capacity: 50,100,200kg, 500kg, 1T, 2T
  • Units:gf,kgf, N, LBf, W, kN, T
  • Load Resolution:1/100,000
  • Load Accuracy :within ±0.5%
  • Stroke:1000mm exclude grip
  • Testing speed:(0.1-500)mm/min(speed computer input)
  • Dimension:(L×W×H) 985×510×1600mm
  • Accuracy of the displacement:0.001mm
  • Weight:150kg
  • Power:1∮,220V 3A
  • Motor: Servo Motor
  • Accessories: One set of fixture,
  • Features
    • Motor: Imported servo motor
  • Control: Computer system control
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • After-sale service: One year free after-sale service
  • 9001:2008

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