Aqua Magic Mat

Aqua Magic Mat

Aqua Magic Mat(doodle toy)

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Both Young kids and their parents love drawing on this Aqua Magic Mat , since theres no messy paint or ink to clean up when playtimes over. Its simple to get your doodle on: Just add water to the Magic Water Pen then start drawing on the mat. Color appears when the water-filled marker touches the mat, then quickly evaporates to leave a clean slate thats ready for more fantastic drawings.

The Aqua Magic Mat isn a pool or tub toy, but without water its no fun at all. Its just a drawing mat after all, but kids will like the novelty of its disappearing colors. The drawing mat is large enough for several kids to doodle on at a time, using the included magic water pens that do not transfer color to other surfaces (to our knowledge …). Color from the pen appears when water touches the mat; it then fades out without a trace in 5 minutes or so. Thats it: no ink, no paint, and no mess.

Product Features

Fill the Aqua Magic Pen with water, let the water pass on to the tip of the pen. Then doodle instantly.
Marker works only on Aqua Magic Mat.
Aqua Magic Mat is completely mess free.
The special large mat rolls out for more room, and more friends to help your child draw.
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Aqua Magic Mat