flaxen mat

flaxen mat

flaxen mat/Linen mat

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It is used mostly in summer,when the weather is hot,you can hardly to go to sleep on the cotton bed cover,but this flaxen /linenmaterial flaxen /linen mat can help you spend a comfortable and cool summery,since Its natural feature decided the effect of sweat absorbing and air permeability and good to the health.these kind of material has several Unique characteristics below.

1. flax /linen fiber is toughness ,subtile ,smooth and clean,suit for making the advanced clothes
2. special featues such as good moisture absorption,fast wet scatter,rubresistance,thermostablity,nonflammable,fragile,
small electrical conductivity,low dust absorption,bactriostasis
3. good health protection,unique bactriostasis,flax is hidden fragrance secco plant,can send out the fragrant,the expert said this kind of fragrant can kill many bacterium,and hold up the grow of parasitic, bactriostasis can get 65% to the pseudomonas aeruginosa and candida albicans,90% to bacillus coli and Golden staphylococcus bead.
4. Flax /linen fiber’s weightis higher than cotton’s
Flax textile is good drip_drape.if there’s drap,no need to ironing ,spread it can recover straightness.

The product made from the cotton and polyamides can’tcompare with the products made from flax/linen . products made from flax /linen is of top grade

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