flaxen car seat cover

flaxen car seat cover

flaxen car seat cover/linen car seat

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It is used mostly in summer,when the weather is hot,the drive sweating heavily,but this flaxen /linen material flaxen car seat cover can help you enjoy a comfortable and cool driving pleasure,since Its natural feature decided the effect of sweat absorbing and air permeability and good to the health.these kind of material has several Unique characteristics below.

Flax has a history of 10000 years is a natual plant fiber earlist used by the human.features below:
1. Flax fiber can transit the water, so it can be good moisture absorption, moisture, fast wet scatter, if you wear the flax clothes you will feel cool in summer and warm in winter, it can also adjust the ambient temperature.
2. Flax fiber has a effect of low static and low magnetic, the static produced by flax compares with anminal’s fur,hemp and cotton fiber is most lowest.just 10times lower than cotton,15times lower than chemical fiber product.
3. Flax fiber is very streight and smooth, like bamboo, doesn’t like the anminal fur fiber, easy clearning and not easy for the bacterium’s breeding then reduce the static once again.
4. For adjust the enviroment ,it can not only reduce the hurt from sun but also obtain the warm ,flax fiber’s cross-section is apentag it has natural glow,because of this feature,when you wear flax clothes it not only can protect the skin but also can help body to adjust the effect of the enviroment.
5. Flax is much thin than cotton,the average length is 20mm,should produce with unique craft to make the texture more cool feeling.
6. Flax textile absorb the water meanwhile produce heart.it is called Hygroscopic thermal,the energy of Hygroscopic thermal is 18% higher than cotton,1kgs flax clothes in winter from the room with temperature 18℃.moisture 45% out to outside with temperature 5℃.moisture 95%,can release heart of 60000 calorie.it is like a hearter of 70W
Its natural feature decided the effect of sweat absorbing and air permeability and good to the health.
1. flax fiber is toughness ,subtile ,smooth and clean,suit for making the advanced clothes
2. special featues such as good moisture absorption,fast wet scatter,rubresistance,thermostablity,nonflammable,fragile,
small electrical conductivity,low dust absorption,bactriostasis
3. good health protection,unique bactriostasis,flax is hidden fragrance secco plant,can send out the fragrant,the expert said this kind of fragrant can kill many bacterium,and hold up the grow of parasitic, bactriostasis can get 65% to the pseudomonas aeruginosa and candida albicans,90% to bacillus coli and Golden staphylococcus bead.
4. Flax fiber’s weightis higher than cotton’s
Flax textile is good drip_drape.if there’s drap,no need to ironing ,spread it can recover straightness.

The product made from the cotton and polyamides can’tcompare with the products made from flax. products made from flax is of top grade,in The ancient Egyptians,the mummy is also wrapped with flax.
flax planted in large area in north-east of china.just like chinese silk,the flax products made in china is of particular technology and mature craft,high quality and inexpensive compares with flax products made by other countrie

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