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1. External Size (m) 7.1*4.0*3.4
Inside Size(m) 6.0*4.0*2.6
2.Total Power(kw) 9.5
3.Cabin System
1) Roof construction: cold rolling plate, Roof Panel: galvanized steel.
2) Front and Side: PVC rolling curtain, remote control.
3) Back wallboard: EPS steel skin panel,50mm Thick.
4) Basement: Anti-embroidered, grid and embossed plates.
4.Air Circulation System
1) Model:YDW-4.5AL1 Capacity:24000m3/h
Pressure:800Pa Speed:900rpm Quatity: 2 sets.
2) Fan Cabin: profile framework, assembly of steel plate cabin.
5.Purification System
Multi-layer filtering structure, The Ceiling Filter Can Capture Granules Larger than 5μm. The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust.
6.Environmental System
Dual filtering structure, the first filter, under the grids, capture bigger granules. The second filter, the fiber glasses filter, under the exhaust cabin, capture the rest granules.
7.Lighting System
Ceiling Light: 24pcs 36w Philips Lamp.
8.Controlling System
It is assembled by good electronic components,Main circuit has multi-protection, Working switch, Light witch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm.
  • ISO9001:2000
  • CE

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