Qingdao KST Technology Inc.
KST TECHNOLOGY INC. is a professional manufacturer of HIGH QUALITY brake hoses and brake lines for hydraulic braking system vehicles. The brake hoses are manufactured with international safety standard of SAE J1401, FMVSS106 etc. and got DOT certificate in USA.
Established in 2001, KST had founded three factories for producing brake hose assemblies, end fittings, brake hose and other related products. Production capacity is 1,800,000pcs hose assembly, 5,000,000pcs end fittings and 3,800,000 meters hose annually.
KST team 260 staff, 1/3 technicians give you the best techinical support. 150 sets various production and testing machines keep the stable quality.
10 years special in HIGH QUALITY
Supply OEM in Russia, India and China
Enough capacity for big orders and different customers
Professional support from R&D, Technical (3D, CAD) and Service team
Powerful ability of design and development according to requirement

More than 1000 original samples and drawings to keep right products
More than 800 brackets, rubber accessories, clip developed, without extra mold/tooling fee
More than 100 famous company’s numbers cross reference KST 3000 numbers
More than 5000 identified hoses to fit American, European, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian etc. vehicles

We are the people who live for KST reputation with professional knowledge and great passion to build our dream.

Our mission: Keep Safe Technic with high quality, innovative spirit and exceeded service.
commercial vehicle and classic cars series vehicle with hydraulic brake system.
KST BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLY has been DOT approved in USA. You can download KST catalogue including most of famous cars, jeep on the way. AMERICAN, JAPANESE, EUROPEAN, KOREAN AND CHINESE SERIES Lincoln brake hose, Buick brake hose, Cadillac brake hose, Hummer brake hose, Ford brake hose, Chrysler brake hose, Chevrole brkae hose, GM brake hose, Cherokee brake hose, Dodge brake hose, Rolls-Royce brake hose, Bentley brake hose, Rolls-Royce brake hose, Astonmartin brake hose, Jaguar brake hose, Land-rover brake hose, Porsche brake hose, BMW brake hose, Benz brake hose, Opel brake hose, Volkswagen brake hose, Audi brake hose, Renault brake hose, Peugeot brake hose, Citroen brake hose, Volvo brake hose, Saab brake hose, Ferrari brake hose, Lamborghini brake hose, Fiat brake hose, Toyota brake hose, Lexus brake hose, Honda brake hose, Mitsubishi brake hose, Mazda brake hose, Daihatsu brake hose, Nissan brake hose, Subaru brake hose, Ssangyong brake hose, Daewoo brake hose, Hyundai brake hose, Kia brake hose, Lada brake hose, Tata brake hose

TEL: 0086-532- 8880 2080; 8880 2090
FAX: 0086-532- 8880 2033
Msn: kstjimAThotmailDOTcom
Web: wwwDOTkstbrakehoseDOTcom

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