Live2support office messenger

Live2support office messenger

Live2support Ofiice Instant Messenger

Product ID: L2S-IMO

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Live2support Instant Messenger and Organizer (L2S-IMO) is designed to be used in a office environment, providing unique benefits to your inter office communication workflow and making staff management faster and easier. L2S-IMO is an ideal office messenger in companies, having private and secure messaging and improving internal communications and business productivity. Communication made easy between peers, your task management breezier. Do not cluster your physical desktop, be more organized.

With Live2Support Instant Messenger and Organizer, you need not to worry about configuration, administration, and server. All IMO member are directly connected (peer-to-peer) with each other and program starts working immediately after installation. You will find sticky notes, to-do list, event alerts and Calendar with IMO.

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