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The sticky note is one of the office employees best friend. Generally, you can see multicolored stickies on places such as top of files, on papers, on your personal computer, telephone desk and so on. They are just everywhere. With Live2Support to-do list software which clubbed with L2S-IMO, you can decorate your personal computer screen with colorful stickies and this colorful stickies will remind you about your tasks.

Live2supports sticky note is very user-friendly and has features your paper notes will never have. You can conceal your stickies and show them at anytime with one click.

You have multiple option to change the look of sticky note such as title, color, font, body customization, size customization. Title of stick note display the date & time of creation, this way you will not loose any information that is important for you.

The sticky can be moved from one place to another. You can change the position of sticky as per your convenient.

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