MY9161 has best current performance

MY9161 has best current performance

MY9161 16-Channel High Accuracy Constant Current LED Driver

Product ID: MY9161

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The MY9161 16-channel constant current LED driver operates over a 3.3V / 5V input voltage range. The device provides 16 open-drain constant current sinking outputs that are rated to 17V and delivers up to 55mA of high accuracy current to each string of LED. The current at each output is programmable by means of an external current-sensing resistor. The MY9161 features a fast 25MHz DCK input, allowing a wide LED dimming (on/off) range to be implemented. The MY9161 offers a 4-wire serial interface, a 16-bit shift register, and a 16-bit transparent latch. The serial interface allows a microcontroller to configure the output channels using four inputs (DI, DCK, LAT, and ENB) and a data output (DO). DO allows multiple drivers to be cascaded and operated together.The MY9161’s on-board pass elements minimize the need for external components, while at the same time, providing ±0.7% LED current accuracy. Additional features include a ±0.1% regulated output current capability and 50ns fast output transient response.The MY9161 is available in a 24-pin SOP/SSOP/QFN package and specified over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

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