EPS Sandwich Panel Line,EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

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EPS Sandwich Panel Line, EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line:

Instruction:EPS Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Line

This is designed to produce fabricated panels for factories, warehouses and house. The line applies E. P. S, Glass & Mineral Wool, Polyurethane and cuts to required length. It is the best material for wall and roof of electronic, medicine, precise machinery and general factories and warehouses.

The is to produce panels for constructing factories, warehouses and houses. After forming 0. 4 ~ 0. 5 mm pre-painted steel sheets, the line attaches them to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and cuts into required size. Roof and wall panels can be produced by the same machine.

Feature of EPS Panel Line

We holds 2 patents and 2 utilities for EPS Panel Line

Thickness of products, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, etc, can be easily adjusted.

Prompt Post Management with the standardization of all parts

By data input, it is easy to choose the length and quantity of products

Line speed can be regulated at will

Features of EPS Panels

1. Energy saving

You can save air-conditioning and heating expenses remarkably, thanks to its excellent insulation effect as mush as 4. 2 times of cement brick.

2. Perfectly insulated and waterproof

Using the high-density EPS, it is moisture and noise free.

3. Semi-permanence and easy installation

Using galvanized steel sheets treated with fluorine and silicone on the surface, it is unchangeable and semi-permanent. Due to the standardized products, you can save the cost for construction by hiring the least number of workers and minimizing the period of construction.

4. Excellent lightness and firmness

It is light but firm, so even a house is simply built, it is strong enough. Coating with different material, you can enjoy various type of panels.


Power supply: AC380/50-60HZ

Total power: 32KW

Production line speed: 4-8m/min

Equipment overall dimensions: 45000x3000x2800

Product width: 1000mm 1200mm

Product thickness: 40-300mm

Annual output: 600thousand square meters


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