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Our company is mainly produce and sale diesel gen-sets,inland diesel gen-sets from 3-3000KVA, marine energent diesel gen-sets from 12-500kw, we use shangchai engine(national brand),cummings engine(USA brand),Pekins engine

The main parameters of the set
Power: 200KW(250KVA)
Rated voltage: 400V
Rated current: 360A
Rated frequency: 50Hz
The factor of rated power COS=0.8(lagging)
The regulating rate of steady voltage: ≤1%
The regulating rate of instantaneous voltage: -15%~ +20%
The time of steady voltage: ≤1.5sec
The waving rate of voltage: ≤1.0%
The regulating rate of steady frequency: ≤3%
The regulating rate of instantaneous frequency: ≤±10%
The time of steady frequency: 3sec
The waving rate of frequency: ≤1%
The waste of fuel with full load: 225.8g/kwh
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm): 2850*1060*1700
Net weight(kg): 2500
The main parameters of the diesel engine
Brand: Dongfeng(Shangchai)
Model: G128ZLD
Cylinder: 6 cylinders
Cooling way: water cooling
Rotating speed: 1500r/min
The regulation of rotating speed: Mechanical speed regulator
Starting way: DC24V\ starting with electricity
The main parameters of the generator
Brand: Kaijieli
Model : TWGII314BC
Type: Brushless ,Self-excite, AVR automatic voltage regulating
The connecting way of the phase: three phases four lines
Insulation degree: H degree
The components of the set
Diesel engine; (2) Generator; (3) Control panel;
The Accessories
Wave pipe , curved pipe , muffler , accumulator and the connecting lines , shock-absorbing spacer , and data .
Controlling Screen
The controlling screen is Ordinary integrative typecontrolling screen, with the display of voltage,current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure.

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