2 line phone switch Call selector Line selector

Product ID: TCS1800

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2 line phone switch Call selector Line selector -TCS1800
Applications: The line power call selector is suitable for people who have 2 outgoing telephone lines but want to use one single telephone set. People have a PSTN line in use, and they might want to install another VoIP line or GSM/CDMA FWT line as usually the rate of other line is much cheaper.
1. It would take too much space of the desk if adopts 2 telephone sets for the 2 outgoing lines. We can solve the problem by installing a call selector with one single telephone set, and it is convenient to use.
2. People have installed a new lower rate telephone line, but the former line should still be used for incoming calls.
3. The company has installed some new lower rate telephone lines, but there are not enough outgoing ports with the PBX. It is more economical to install some call selectors than change a new PBX.
Features:1. No need extra power supply, convenient to install.
No need any program, plug and play, easy to use.
3. One telephone set and 2 outgoing lines, both lines can call out and the telephone would ring when there are incoming calls for either line.
4. There would be busy prompt to the incoming caller side if there is incoming call when the other line is on talking.
5. The common line can be used to make call normally even if there is some problem with the prior lower rate line.
6. Compatible with PBX, PSTN lines, VoIP gateways, GSM/CDMA fixed wireless terminal, E1, etc.

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