Non-stic/Reusable Oven Liner(Oven Mat)

Product ID: ST-701

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1. Non-stic/Reusable Oven Liner(Oven Mat) can be used to protect the bottom of the oven and the oven grill against splashes, messy drips, fat, burn-on sugar &oven messes, keep your utensils clean.
2. Suitable for all kinds of ovens, does not slide away in the ovens.
3. Made of PTFE, Excellent anti-adhesive, you can easily remove surface grease, stains with soapy water; can be used repeatedly.
4. Prevent stains overflowed onto the bottom of the oven in the baking process.
5. High temperature resistance, continuous Operating Temp from -60~260°C.
6. Safe for use in the dishwasher, non-toxic, safe for contact with food, and anti-corrosion features.
7. Customized packaging and sizes are welcome, can be cut with scissors to roast the size and shape required.
8. Food approval.

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