Energy bracelet, silicon bracelet poewr balance bracelet

Product ID: ysl-153

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POWER BALANCE, color (white, black, blue, red, yellow etc.)
Feet four inches (17.5 CM - 19CM - M S code, code, 20.5 CM, 220CM - - L yards XL)
  • color
    • white, black, blue, red, yellow or as you request
  • material
    • silicon
  • poewr balance bracelet
    • Feet four inches (17.5 CM - 19CM - M S code, code, 20.5 CM, 220CM - - L yards XL)
  • Power on, sell Spain, Italy and Europe countries.
  • Color: black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink, transparent, etc. To strengthen body blood circulation, relaxes nervous, make the neck and shoulders relax, soothing. Increase the body's energy, improve the transmission, improving physical stamina and concentration. Due to the accumulation of blood lactic acid is a major cause of fatigue, wear after the accumulation of lactic acid can be decomposed, thereby eliminating fatigue, strengthen sports ability.
  • This product has the beautiful, bright color, relaxed, exquisite, stereo sense is strong, clear and natural, texture is soft, feel is good, light resistance, heat resistance, cold sweat, friction, aging resistance, abrasion, raw material, avirulent insipidity environmental effect, is the ideal carrier, is cheap gift, can according to the requirements of the guests.
  • yes

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