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Product ID: Nbr70 Shore AS 006

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Our Company in Singapore imports and exports Viton, Silicone, Epdm, Nbr O Ring and O Ring Cord.

We carries a wide range of stock of O Ring for JIS (P, G, S Series), Din Standard, Imperial Sizes (AS/BS 001 to 475) Metric sizes (fr 1mm c/s thk to 12 mm c/s thk).

Oil Seal (TC, TB, SC, SB, TCV, TCN, BABSL) from Japan, Italy, Germany & Taiwan.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Wiper Seal from Japan & USA.

Sakagami Hydraulic & Wiper Seal (SKY, SDR, SCB)
Sakagami Pneumatic & Wiper Seal (PSD, MYA, GLY, PNY, PGY, PDU, SFR, SER)
Valqua Hydraulic & Wiper Seal (UHS, DHS)
Meiwa Vee Packing & PU Rod Seal
Microtech, Parker Imperial Sizes.
Kato Tadano Crane Seal Kit
Komatsu, Kato, Hitachi Excavator Cylinder Repair Kit
Coupling for Japanese Excavator

We also Customise Seals and O Ring if the parts is of non standard sizes.

We welcome inquires and are looking forward to be of service to you.
  • Seals use in Crane & Excavator
    • Spgw, Npr Piston Ring, Ohm, DKB

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O Ring Excavator and Crane Cyl Repair Kit