Aramid fiber Packing

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Kevlar Rope packing is made of Du Pont's aramid yarn impregnated with PTFE dispersion and processed with lubricant. braided into square cross section. As the strength and module of Kevlar rope is as high as the steel-like strength. So Kevlar Rope packing compared with other kinds of braided packing. they can resist more serve media and higher pressure. Kevlar rope can be installed separately or as end rings with other kinds of packing to combine different characteristics into packing set.

Kevlar rope is mainly used as substitute of asbestos in pump systems. Kevlar Packing property is better than asbestos. and it covers all the services ranges which asbestos packing provides and more. Under very bad conditions where ordinary asbestos packing can not provide the satisfied effect. But this packing has long service. Kevlar rope is usually applied to pulp factory. sand slurry tin mine and feed water pump of power plant etc.
.Kevlar Rope packing

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