Automatic Load tester

Product ID: MAX series

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A tester with a computer
Built-in floppy disc drive
Dispaly and printing
Data pick up function
Program changed by FD
  • Length resolution
    • MAX-B (BASIC): 0.01mm
  • 0.001mm (1μm)
    • Load cell:5 channel
    • Measurement range:Non step amplifie
    • Test speed:0.5~1000mm/min variable
    • Display:640x480mm LCD Display
      • Data storing :Approx. 100curves/1FD
  • Input/ Output
    • RS232C interface
  • I/O POINT In8/Out8
  • Digimatic input
  • Centronics interface
  • Analog output
    • Item registration
      • Recent 100items/1FD
    • No limit with FD change
      • Printing
        • Thermal print, Graphic /Data
      • Standard setting
        • Upper lower limit setting
      • ±% automatic calculation

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